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  • The Foundation of NLP

    Presuppositions and beliefs to create an unshakeable foundation for your successful future.

  • Submodalities

    Discover the secret software of the mind as you learn how to overcome any bad habit and install positive habits, how to resolve negative emotions and how to create a new, powerful identity. Learn to unlock the most basic elements of human thought to make dramatic changes in yourself and others.

  • Rapport

    You will learn the secret behind persuasion, influence and charisma, the phenomenon called rapport, and how you can learn to create it with other people. When you have rapport with someone, they will automatically like and trust you more. This can be helpful in networking, sales, customer service, and any other situation where building relationships is important.

  • Language Patterns

    We will reveal how to use language to create deeper connections with others, demonstrate your intellect and personal qualities, and communicate with precision so that your message is always well received. You'll also learn how to use language to empower others, be persuasive and influential, and even hypnotize people in conversation!

  • Anchoring

    In this section you will learn how to anchor yourself and anchor states in others purposefully  to control state of mind and feelings to use them in influential situations. You will learn how to control your feelings and state of mind to create determination, confidence, motivation, power, and many more empowering states. You'll discover how others may have been anchoring you - both negatively and positively - without you even knowing it and what you can do to overcome it.

  • Reframing

    The art of reframing is a key skill in NLP. NLP's reframing techniques will teach you how to "see things from another perspective." This skill can cause This can a transformative effect as it is used to overcome objections, resolve disagreements, change beliefs, and more.

  • Representational Systems

    We will expose how our five senses represent information to us internally in different ways, and many times makes communication difficult. You will learn how people think and process information and understand how to communicate more effectively using representational systems. We will even teach you how to gain insight into how people are thinking simply by watching their eyes, almost like reading the mind.

  • Achievable Goals and Outcomes

    We will teach you how to set achievable goals using a powerful goal-setting technique so you'll be in the top tier of people who actually achieve their goals. We'll teach you how to set achievable goals for the future for yourself and others which will empower you to create achievable goals and outcomes.

  • Strategies

    You'll learn how to communicate more persuasively than ever as we teach you how to uncover people's strategies for everything from buying decisions to their strategy for deep love.

  • Parts Integration

    You will learn this incredibly powerful NLP technique that can help root out the cause of many issues - experiencing inner conflict. This sounds like when someone says, "Well, part of me wants to find a new career," or "Part of me wants to go for the promotion, but part of me is scared." When someone is feeling pulled in multiple directions like this, it's an indicator that they are likely experiencing inner conflict. By releasing this conflict, you can cause most problems to disappear.