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Frequently Asked Questions are below. 

You can also reach us via the contact page or by emailing [email protected] 

What is NLP?
Do I need to be licensed or have a degree?

You do not need a degree for our certification trainings. Many people choose to take clients and work on limiting beliefs, limiting decisions, fears (such as heights, snakes, spiders, etc) or unresolved negative emotions. Many people (even licensed professionals) choose to take a coaching route. However, if you will be working with a diagnosable condition you will need to be licensed for your state. Please check with your local licensing boards to determine what licensing is required in your area.

How do I register for training?

You can send a request through our contact page to be added to our wait list for training. We will notify you when a training becomes available for the area you would like training in. Enter your request here ► +Training Request

What is certification?

Certification ensures we as trainers and practitioners uphold standards of ethics and excellence for our industry. We certify our students through the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners- a private, not for profit trade organization that sets for a code of professional ethics and training standards. 

Do I need to attend the entire time?

In order to be eligible for certification, you must attend the entirety of the training. Our trainings involve specific exercises so it is important that all students arrive on time each day and stay for the entire duration. If students arrive late or leave early, they will not be able to return for the remainder of the training because they will have missed essential content and exercises. 

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